Short eruri baby AU 


Erwin was woken by Levi’s voice through the baby monitor. Curling into the bed’s warmth, he dazedly came to see that it was half past one in the morning. Lazily rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Erwin felt content to drift away to the soft sound of Levi talking, but he knew sleeping wouldn’t solve anything.

The hardwood flooring was cold beneath his feet as Erwin made his way to the second bedroom. Levi had turned on the lamp instead of the overhead light, bathing the room in a soft candle glow. Stepping inside, Erwin couldn’t help but smile wearily at the sight of Levi swaying gently on his feet, their new tiny bundle carefully cradled in his arms.

“Hey,” he said, pressing a kiss to Levi’s temple. “Everything alright?”

Levi continued to rock back and forth. “I can’t sleep.”

Silencing his sigh, Erwin squeezed Levi’s shoulder in reassurance. “He’ll be alright,” he promised. “You don’t have to worry so much; you’ve read all the books and even spoke to a few specialists.” In Levi’s arms Eren continued to slumber, his face peaceful and rosy.

“But what if-”

Turning Levi so he faced him, Erwin passively considered the dark rings under Levi’s eyes, how he looked completely and utterly exhausted. It was like a fist to his heart, to see Levi in such a state, but he supposed it was completely normal when a new baby was mixed in the equation. Curling his fingers against the back of Levi’s neck, Erwin leaned in to press a kiss to his husband’s forehead.

“You’re going to be a wonderful father, Levi.”

The way Levi’s lips twisted spoke of skepticism, but the subtle shift in his eyes said otherwise. Shifting the bundle in his arms, Levi allowed Erwin to lead him back to the crib where he reluctantly set Eren on his back and covered his legs with a little green blanket. Wrapping an arm around Levi’s waist, Erwin gazed down at their adopted son, smiling when Levi’s weight shifted to rest against him.

“Come on,” he spoke into Levi’s hair, pulling him close and yearning for the warmth of another body underneath the sheets, “Let’s go back to bed.”

Clicking off the lamp Levi followed him on heavy feet, and once they were under the covers Erwin drew Levi close, as if hoping to protect him from all his worries. He was beginning to comfortably wander when smaller fingers entwined with his own and a murmured “love you” drifted to settle between them for the rest of the night. 

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the ACWNR trailer left me with a need for an AU where Erwin gets hot and bothered whenever he sees Levi in a waistcoat

It’s lonely being by yourself…